Saturday, August 22, 2020

Strawacademy 4th Anniversary Welcome Address by the DO

Event Marking the 4th Anniversary Strawacademy
Thank you to every Organization and everyone who supporting us through these past 4 years... Thank you to Sir Abba Abdouramann, the Divisional Officer for Fako for opening and leading this event to the end, and thank you for your partnership and financial support of our 2020 projects.
Congratulations to Wisdom for Dominion and Kisife Ltd for receiving the Strawacademy Excellence in Youth Entrepreneurship Award (SEYE Award)
Thank you to His Excellency Ibrahim Bashir and the entire staff of the Nigerian Consulate for your moral and financial support during the event. Thank you to the staff of CRTV Radio for participating and covering the event.
Thank you as well to Dr Mrs Titanji, Mrs Nicole Yanou, Mr Bochom Samuel and Miss Doris Ngum for your incredible moral and financial support during the event. Thank you to Bukonge Terrence for gracing the event with great music and Mac Alunge for Spoken Word
Thank you to the staff of CHRDA, She Skill'd, Wisdom for Dominion, Zoe Communications, Capitol Hotel, Digital Renter, Ecoman, Cliq Empire and LDTV for your incredible support...
Our projects for the year have officially commenced, so please check our #SAc2020Manual on our website and find opportunities for us to collaborate with your organization...

Monday, October 7, 2019 Slam Title 'Pain Gain' Live Audio Performance from 'The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge I', written and Performed by Mac Alunge Get Complete Slams & Albums at The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge II Coming up, November 17th, 2019 For tickets & Details, follow the link below Follow Mac Alunge Here...

Friday, August 2, 2019

Inspire Me Video Book Track 006 Strawquotes II


We believe that creativity/innovation, entrepreneurship, enterprise creation / growth and job creation are a major pathway to solving the world’s most pressing socioeconomic problems. Wealth creation needs to be given almost the same global attention as disease epidemics, and job creation needs to be treated with the like effort as peace keeping and post conflict reconstructions. Global and local resources need to focus on wealth creation efforts if we must take a greater part of the world out of poverty. Africa has become the fastest growing continent in the world with over 2 billion people. Over 70% of African Youth are either unemployed or underemployed. By 2050, Africa will be the youngest continent in the world with the biggest workforce. However, we will need to create one billion extra jobs to avoid the catastrophes that could emanate from a one billion population of jobless youth. This must be considered a global emergency and an emergency plan must be elaborated to meet this global challenge.

Project Inspire Me is an initiative borne by the Christian hybrid (Non-profit + Profit) Organization and UN accredited community of Entrepreneurs, Strawacademy Africa.

To build African Economies through innovation-based entrepreneurship and job-creation by inspiring a paradigm shift in the mind of the average African from the opportunity-seeking mentality to an opportunity-creation mindset using inspirational content development, production and publishing (Content = Videos, Audios, Pictures, Text)

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